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A long time ago, in a galaxy just right around the corner, a rising force of refined sugars initiated the last step in its plan to conquer their makers.

Desperate, the last survivors of the rebellion found the sacred document which, according to the prophecy, will save all mankind: "an apple a day keeps the doctor away".

Facing inevitable defeat, they send the scripture through space-time continuum, hoping that the one who gets it can resist those sweet evil forces.

It's up to you, oh you magnificent floating head, to end this once and for all. The game is simple: eat the fruit, avoid the candy. How long will you last?


"It's super awesome!" - Everyone

Build your controller: (Arduino sketch)



Or just use your Keyboard:


Developed by: Hugo Marques

Illustrations by: Gonçalo Duarte

Sound effects by: Luis Lucena

Music by: Vitor Barros


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FRU17_windows.zip 82 MB
FRU17_osx.zip 62 MB


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Haha! This is cute! I played just with the keyboard, but I still enjoyed flying around and looking at all the art. :)

The pathfinding was a bit hard to understand, and I had to figure out which keys flew me to which fruit, but once I did it was enjoyable avoiding the thug chocolate! I'd imagine this would be a blast with the fruit controllers.

Thanks for your feedback and support, enjoy! Cheers